Evaluation of the Effects of Link Beam in Eccentrically Braced Frames under Frequency-Domain Modal Analyses

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Civil Engineering, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran



Eccentrically brace is one of the new methods in seismic improvement of the structure. Placing the link beam in different zone of the brace changes the seismic performance of the bracing system. Therefore, in the present paper, using the finite element method (FEM) and ABAQUS software, 3-story steel structures with eccentrically braces will be modeled. Eccentrically braces will have horizontal and vertical link beams. Braced structures will be investigated by modal analyses in the frequency domain method. Three types of eccentrically braces including (a) middle horizontal beam (EBFK), (b) side horizontal beam (EBFD) and vertical beam (EBFV) will be modeled. Also, validation of the models will be done with the paper of Abdul Hamid et al (2022). The results show that the EBFV model, compared to the EBFK and EBFD models, has a better performance in von mises stress and displacement. The EBFV model will reduce the von mises stress by 62.25% and 65.41%, respectively, compared to the EBFK and EBFD models. Also, the EBFV model will reduce the displacement of the structure by 15.33% and 14.64%, respectively, compared to the EBFK and EBFD models. The EBFK model will reduce the rotation of the structure by 10.17% and 25%, respectively, compared to the EBFD and EBFV models.