About Journal

Advanced Structural Mechanics (ASM) is a multi-disciplinary engineering journal which mainly focuses on foster scientific understanding of mechanical aspects of advanced materials and structures. It publishes the highest quality and original works by analytical modeling, numerical simulation, and experimental observations in studying behaviour and application of advanced materials and substructures from nano to macro scales. Particular emphasis is placed on the inspection and development of mechanical constitutive response, design, dynamics, vibrations, control and also stability of metals, composites, polymers, shape-memory alloys, cellular structures, bio-materials, intelligent materials, actuator/sensor (smart) materials, nano/microstructured materials, etc.

ASM is encompassing all aspects of these fields from classical problems of structural analysis to mechanics of solids interacting with other media and including damage and fracture mechanisms, inelastic deformation, impact mechanics, topology optimization, wave propagation, thermal effects in solids and optimum design methods. Contributions may vary from new techniques to novel applications of the material and/or structural performance in advanced material systems drawing upon the different divisions of engineering science and the associated areas within applied mathematics, materials science and structural mechanic. Articles that outline combined analytical/ computational/ experimental methodologies are especially sought.

All submitted manuscripts to ASM should be concisely prepared and written in English. Authors are required to confirm that their paper has not been submitted to any other journal in English or any other language. After initial appraisal by the Editor, if found suitable for further consideration, manuscripts are subject to peer review by independent expert referees.