Crush Behavior of Sandwich Panel with Corrugated Strip Egg Box Core

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Babol Noshirvani University Of Technology



This research investigates the amount of energy absorption in a sandwich panel with a corrugated core of an egg comb with two different dimensions. Sandwich panels with different core shapes are widely used in the transportation industry due to their lightweight, and many studies have been conducted on their properties, one of which is the study of energy absorption. Investigating the amount of energy absorption in these types of cores will help to increase the safety of the passengers. In this research, the cores with the ratio of the angle of the leg to the base of 30 degrees (T30) and 40 degrees (T40) were made through sheet cutting and bending and were connected to each other using spot welding. ST 37 steel sheet was used for the core and surface. The samples were subjected to a quasi-static uniform load. The force-displacement curves were obtained and the peak force value, energy absorption rate, specific energy absorption, and energy absorption efficiency were calculated from the crushing behavior of the sample. It was found that the angle ratio has an effect on the amount of energy absorption. The amount of energy absorption in T40 was about 1.5 times that of the T30 model.