Investigation of Failure analysis of EN24T T-welded joints under tension in Test

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Research scholar. deprtment of production Engg. VJTI mumbai



In this research article is investigated by experimental and analytical (FE modeling with ANSYS) for T welded joints under tensile test. The SEM and EDS methods were applied for failure surface of welded joint. 3D model of welded joint was developed by using ANSYS software and simulated. The deformation of welded joint model in ANSYS was validated by using performing experiment. The fractography study is carried out with the help of scanning electronic microscope (SEM) method. It is observed the brittle and ductile fracture surface at heat affected zone. The chemical composition was found using DSE method, the experimental outcomes represented that the T-joint is much stronger than the corner joint. ANSYS results are much closed to the experimental results. FE model is created by using SOLID187 elements. The stress sanguinity at junction of T-welded joint was studied. Stress singularity decreased with increasing load

The systematical examine failure surface of welded joint by using SEM method

T-type of welded joint is very stronger that other joint as, Butt, Lap and Corner joint.

Failure load of present model is 30KN is suggested by designing the military aircraft structure.