Investigating the Performance of Modern Concentrically Braces during Modal Analysis in the Frequency Domain with the Finite Element Method

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Civil Engineering, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran



The use of steel braces in the structure is the most practical method to increase the lateral stiffness of the building. Nowadays, all kinds of modern braces are used in the structure. Gate and Inverted V braces are very common and modern. In the present paper, using ABAQUS software and Finite Element Method (FEM), Gate and Inverted V braces were modelled and compared. The material in the modelling is St37 type. In the present paper, the structures were analyzed in the frequency domain during modal analysis. The present paper was verified with the results of the paper by Mosalman et al. The results showed that the Inverted brace has lower von Mises stress (equal to 29.18% reduction) and displacement (equal to 16.69% reduction) compared to the Gate brace. Also, the Gated brace has a lower natural frequency (very low reduction) and eigenvalue (equal to 19.46% reduction) compared to the Inverted V brace.